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Tiffany & Co


Tiffany & Co - The Company and its History

Tiffany Jewelry is made by the company Tiffany & Co, that was founded by Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B Young in New York in 1837. The company also makes watches, tableware and other gifts including keyrings, pens, business gifts and clocks.
The company was originally called "Tiffany & Young", but was renamed "Tiffany & Co" in 1853, by Charles.
The Tiffany store in New York on 5th Avenue (where Tiffany relocated to in 1940) is now something of a tourist attraction, made famous by the Audrey Hepburn film "Breakfast at Tiffany's", but as the jewellery is quite expensive it would be interesting to know how many visitors actually make a purchase. Tiffany jewellery is considered to be the ultimate in high quality.
The British sterling silver standard 92.5% was adopted by Tiffany in 1851 and subsequently became the world standard.
In 1968, the then first lady, Mrs Lyndon Baines Johnson, commissioned Tiffany to produce a china dinner service for the White House. The design included 90 American flowers.
In 1980, the company presented the first collection of Paloma Picasso.
The company has been quoted on the New York Stock Exchange since 1987, and its market capital is currently $4.88 billion (as of July 2005).
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Should I buy Tiffany Jewelry at Online Auction?

If you cannot afford the genuine article, and you are happy to have a replica design, then go ahead. However, if an item is described as genuine, I would not believe this claim unless there is unequivocal documentary evidence to support this assertion, and would only bid up to price I would be prepared to pay assuming the article was replica.
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