Tips on how to lose weight from someone who knows

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Trying to lose weight can be a soul destroying experience, especially if you have quite a lot of weight to lose. In this guide, I will give you some tips on losing weight from my own experience, plus some before and after photos of myself, so that you can see that I am actually speaking from experience and not out of my big fat bottom.

  1. mandy fat before losing weightDon't think of your eating plan as a "diet"
    I think that this is very important. If you think of your eating plan as a diet, it implies that your current way of eating is in some way "temporary" and you will revert back to your old way of eating after having achieved sufficient weight loss. If you return to the eating habits that made you fat in the first place, you will undoubtably regain all the weight loss, plus probably a little more. There is therefore absolutely no point in going on a temporary diet - you need to start a life long healthy eating plan that will become second nature. You can find some guidelines to following a healthy diet here.

  2. Incorporate exercise into your lifestyle
    Exercise will burn calories, enabling you to eat more and still lose or maintain your weight loss. After a period of time, you will start to gain muscle. Muscle, even when you are at rest, uses up more calories to maintain itself than fat, so being toned will increase your basal metabolic rate slightly. If you are unfit and relatively sedentary, you could start off by incorporating more walking into your daily routine. You could also join a gym and have a member of staff there provide you with a program of exercise. Don't be put off by the idea of a gym - plenty of overweight people are members of gyms - they are not just for people who are already fit.

  3. mandy slim after weight loss"I'm fat because I have a low metabolic rate"
    This statement is a complete fallacy. People who have a weight problem tend to have higher basal metabolic rates than their slimmer counterparts. Because they are overweight, it takes more energy (or calories) for them to walk, say 100m, than it would for a slim person. Scientifically, experiments have been carried out on overweight people, locking them in a sealed room called a calorimeter to measure the energy they use in one day, and it has been proven that fat people use slightly more energy (when at rest) than slim people. People are fat because they either eat too much or take too little exercise or more ususally, both. This is the law of physics and it cannot be ignored.

  4. Reward yourself, but not with food
    Many overweight dieters have low self esteem. Instead of beating yourself up, take any success, no matter how small, and reward yourself. A weight loss can be rewarded by a trip to the cinema, the hairdresser or some new make up, for example. Just make sure that you don't reward yourself with food.

  5. Build your self esteem further
    Is there something you have always wanted to do, like taking up flower arranging, learning a language or having a go at pottery? Sign up for a course at your local college. Not only will you get out of the house, meet new people and have fun, you will be able to succeed at something new which will further help to build your self esteem. It will also take your mind off food.

  6. Create small goals
    Make any goals that you set yourself easily achieveable. It is far better to succeed at a small goal, than fail at a larger goal. Keep your goals realistic and manageable. Never ever set yourself up to fail.

  7. Don't cheat
    Be honest with yourself. Don't expect to lose weight if you know you've been a naughty girl (or boy). Put your cheating behind you, learn from it, congratulate yourself on not throwing in the towel when a lesser person would have done, and get back on track.

© 2006 Mandy Boylett