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Ugg Style Boots, Ug Australia Sheepskin boots with UK delivery

The term "Ugg Boots" is a generic term in Australia and New Zealand, for a sheepskin boot that "hugs" the leg - hence the name. They were traditionally worn around the house as a warm slipper, and only worn outdoors for short periods.
Patronage by various celebrities has made the boots a haute couture item (often with a price to match); indeed a US company, Deckers Outdoor Corporation trading as "Ugg Australia" registered the trademark in the US, denying other US retailers of Ugg boots the opportunity to give them their correct name. The irony of this is that "Ugg Australia" boots are often made in China. Recently, however, Australian companies have succeeded in an action to remove the words "Ugg", "Ug" and "Ugh" from the Australian register of trademarks, with the latter conceding that these terms are, in fact, generic. The result of this action may have repercussions worldwide, possibly even ultimately removing the trademark in the US.

UGG Classic Tall Sunflower Boots ugg classic tall sunflower

The UGG Classic tall boot in sunflower yellow, which is made from genuine grade A sheepskin. They won't hang around long at this price, so order now to avoid disappointment. Free UK delivery, worldwide delivery available.

What's so good about Uggs anyway?
They can be used in both hot and cold weather, as they insulate the foot but absorb moisture, to prevent your feet from either sweating or freezing, and can be worn without socks. Many fashion journalists state that they are the most versatile boot in the world, as they can be worn at any time of the year, and teamed with jeans, mini skirts, cropped trousers and culottes for a stylish and individualistic look.
How do you care for Ugg boots?
Uggs are made from sheepskin, and so should be hand washed with care using cold water. It is possible to obtain proprietary Sheepskin Cleaners which can also be used. These are rich in oils to condition the sheepskin.
They should be dried slowly and naturally in an airy room, away from heat sources and direct sunlight, as these can destroy the sheepskin. They can be made more water and stain repellant if you apply a specialist product designed for this purpose, to the surface of the boots. You can buy a special Ugg Protector Spray.
Where can I use my Ugg Boots?
Well, I still think that they make great slippers, especially during a cold UK winter as they have a temperature rating of -30°, and they are surprisingly light weight. They are also great for use outdoors, but even after treating with water and stain repellants, I would not recommend using them in wet or muddy conditions, as you are still likely to damage or stain them.
Where can I buy Ugg Boots?

Another great place to by Ugg Boots is Branch309, who offer styles at sale prices and free delivery to the UK and Ireland, EU shipping is £7.50 and worldwide shipping is just £10.

Javari is a new site from that sells Ugg Australia boots, many at sale prices, and offers free one day delivery and free returns.

Another excellent place to buy sheepskin Uggs. They have a range by the Australian company Emu that are priced at £59.99 for the low and £69.99 for the high boots. These prices include free UK deliver.

It is possible to buy directly from companies based in Australia, for example, from the Australian Ugg Boots online store. I particularly like the Australian Ugg Boots store as it has a fantastic selection made from top quality double faced sheepskin, in a variety of styles and colours. The prices are also very competitive. They also sell shampoo / conditioner and sheepskin water repellent. Bare in mind however, that if you order from outside the EU you may have to pay customs charges when your boots are delivered (usually about an extra 20% on the price - 15% VAT plus a surcharge in the UK - VAT rates in other EU countries vary); or you might be lucky and they could come straight through without any additional charges.
You can also buy the branded version made by Deckers Outdoor Corporation and distributed by Cloggs in the UK.

Ugg Millcreek Sterling Wellies

Ugg Millcreek Sterling Silver WelliesThe UGG Millcreek wellies in sterling silver have a luxurious sheepskin lining to keeo your feet nice and warm, and the rubber upper repels water magnificently.

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