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- Costume wigs for everyone including ladies and mens wigs, afro, character and supporter's wigs and accessories.

A Guide to Wigs

Costume and Party Wigs

Costume and party wigs are generally cheap (under £20) and are designed to be worn occasionally as an accessory to a fancy dress outfit, and not for every day use. They are synthetic and come in hundreds of different styles for countless occasions - typical styles include:

  • Abba and Cher - typically long, straight and glossy in either black or blonde.
  • Supporters - coloured in your team's colours
  • Neon - coloured in fluorescent dayglo colours such as pink and lime green.
  • Chest wigs - these stick on
  • Character - including such favourites as Elvis, Tina Turner and Kelly Osbourne.
  • Cuts from the past - including a Mullett and a Mohawk
  • Fancy dress costume "add-ons", such as judge, barrister or a drag queen.
  • Mermaid and lady godiver - generally worn with an all over pink body stocking unless you really want to shock the other party guests.


Wigs can be either made from synthetic fibres - usually modacrylic - or made from human hair. Synthetic styles are made to have the look and feel of real hair, and generally "remember" the style that they are in, so they do not need to be restyled after washing. Indeed, you must not use heated stylers such as curling tongs on synthetic hair pieces.

Human Hair

Human hair wigs are usually made from hair that has been obtained in the far east. They need to be styled and are heavier than the synthetic variety. They can be coloured with permanent hair colours, although it is more usual that the wig will have been coloured before you receive it. Human hair hair pieces are more expensive than the synthetic variety.


Monofilament simulates a real scalp for a more natural appearance. This type of wig is ideal for someone who has lost their hair due to treatment for cancer, and for people with no hair it is generally more comfortable than a net cap wig. Fine groups of hair fibres are tied to a mesh base that allows your own scalp to breathe.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are generally worn by women to make their hair longer and thicker. The extensions are woven into your existing hair by your hairdresser, and the results can be very impressive, giving you a mane of beautiful hair.

However, extensions are quite expensive (I had a quote for my hair from Toni and Guy for my hair and it was £600). The price is related to how long and thick you want the final look to be. Remember, all the hair used has to be colour matched to your existing hair. Usually, you will have to use special shampoos and conditioners to look after your hair extensions, and they will need to be retightened and replaced regularly.

Hair extensions are not generally popular with the male population - those who are suffering from hair loss lack the necessary hair on which to attach the extensions. They would really only be suitable for men with a full head of hair who would like their hair to be even longer.

Wigs @ Drinkstuff
- A fun range including a Jason Donovan mullet, a judge's wig, a gorgeous glamourous blonde wig, afros, Alice Cooper, a Scouser Set, Teddy Boy complete with side burns, Farrah Fawcett, Cher, Marilyn Monroe, caveman and many more.

Party Box
Short ladies' wigs in a range of colours.
Continental Wigs
- Quality hairpieces made from both synthetic and human hair, plus a range of hairpieces, extensions and accessories.
- Hair pieces including full wigs, human hair, extensions, pony tails and party pieces in a range of styles and colours.